I have a thing for multi-purpose/multi-use items and I have always had an interest in survival and being prepared for various situations that should arise. It might be my military background and love for the outdoors.

I keep ready to go a “go bag” prepared for my family containing clothes, packaged food, water, survival/first aid supplies. You just never know what is going to happen. Whether it is a natural disaster, the economy crashes, or the zombies start walking around.

I have been looking at single shot shotguns to purchase when I get back to the states to use as a survival/wilderness/hunting shotgun. Loving multi-purpose items I came across these shotgun adapters from gunadapters.com.


What is great about them is that you can take your single shot or break action double barrel and use these adapters to shoot various calibers of ammunition out of your 12 gauge shotgun. They currently offer adapters for your 12 gauge shotgun to shoot .22lr, .22mag, .45ACP, 38/357, .44 mag, .45 Colt, 9mm and 20 gauge. But for sake of this post, I am going to talk about the .22lr adapters.

Shoot .410 out of your 12 gauge

I am a huge fan of owning a .22lr firearm. They are easy to shoot (low recoil), ammunition is extremely cheap so you can buy plenty of it, and generally the firearms are reasonably priced. They can serve multiple uses from plinking, target practice, small game hunting, survival, and even self-defense (as a last resort firearm).

Using the adapters to fire .22lr in your 12 gauge shotgun is a great idea for those who hunt both large and small game, or in a survival situation to be able to shoot different calibers of ammunition should you come across it could save your life or feed your family.

Check out Dave Canterbury’s review on YouTube below. Dave is on Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival and he is a survival expert. Listen to what he says because he takes a common sense approach to survival. Check out his over 450 videos on YouTube. There is alot to be learned from him if you are into survival/hunting/self-reliance.

I am ordering a few of these gun adapters to do some testing and also I am putting together a little project with them when I get back to the states, so check back for that.