Would a .50 cal fit into a 12 gauge shotgun? What would happen if you try to shoot it? I am not sure why someone would have these questions, but hey why not right? I mean, if the shoe fits. Finding the right gun safe is very difficult, but we have reviewed the best-selling gun safes available in the market and recommended some top models for you according to their sizes and usability.

Now I am not saying you should start shooting .50 cal out of your shotgun, but it was interesting to know what would happen if you were so inclined to do so. If you are looking for some specific gun safes which are high end, we would recommend you to go with winchester gun safes which are value for money.

First off, will it even fit in the barrel of a 12 gauge?

Ok, so it fits. But will it fire and not cause you to die in the process?

Now, I really hope I should not have to say this, but don’t be stupid. Don’t shoot ammo in your shotgun not designed for it. Besides, I would not want to be on the backside of that shotgun when the .50 cal goes off. If you don’t die, I am sure it would be painful.