So you got all this ammo now that you have started saving it. Now you are asking yourself, how do I store it? Well my friends, here are some answers.

By far the 2 most common ways to safely store your ammo is in either ammo cans or a firearms safe. I love ammo cans. People do however use a bunch of other things such as jars, vacuum sealing them in bags, coffee cans, Tupperware, the list goes on and on. I am going to talk about ammo cans in particular, but the same ideas can be applied to whatever container you decide to use.

The enemy of your stored ammo is…..

It may seem as simple as just throwing your ammo into some ammo cans and calling it good. However, there are several elements that can have a huge negative effect on your ammo if you plan on storing them for awhile. If you store your ammo improperly you can cause duds and misfires. To prevent those from happening to your ammo stockpile, you need to minimize heat, humidity and moisture. Using an ammo can you can take these steps.

  1. Make sure you ammo can is free of holes, rust, dents and the hinge operates smoothly.
  2. Check the seal to make sure it is not dried out and does not have any cracks and missing sections.
  3. (OPTIONAL) Add a silicone based grease/lubricant to help the rubber gasket seal- beware of vasoline as it will eat away at the rubber.
  4. Add a desiccant packet to help absorb moisture in the can. You can take them out of shoe boxes and reuse them. They also sell some reusable desiccant packet that you just throw in the oven to renew them, or you can make your own desiccant packets for pretty cheap.
  5. Store your ammo can in a cool dry place. Try to limit its exposure to heat, dampness and dramatic temperature changes.
  6. Check up on it every few months to switch out the desiccant packet.

A tip I would recommend is that you write the date you stored the ammo on the box that way you can rotate your stock and keep your ammo fresh. You can also opt for the car gun safes which comes in small size and can be installed in your car quickly.

Here is a quick video I found on YouTube showing one way to setup an ammo can

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