About Me

Here are some quick facts about myselfEricAfghan 199×300 About Me

  • Serving in the US Army as an infantryman for the last 5 years
  • Combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and a tour in South Korea
  • Expert marksman with the M4 rifle and M320 grenade launcher
  • Been shooting firearms for 6 years
  • Taught firearms training and firearms safety to both US Army soldiers and Afghan National
  • Army soldiers
  • NRA member
  • Shotgun enthusiast


Why I started Shell Gunning

The shotgun is more than just another firearm. Unlike the rifle or pistol, you can’t just put another magazine in it and keep firing (generally). It is a thinking game, and that’s why it is my favorite firearm. You need to know your shotgun. How much ammo you have left in the tube. How it operates so you can do a shot/shell changeover. How it patterns. What type of ammunition to use in different situations. The shotgun requires knowledge, and that is why I started ShellGunning.com.

ShellGunning.com is a shotgun blog for those looking to truly become the master of their shotgun and use it to its full potential, myself included. I try to make ShellGunning a hub for everything shotgun, not just for others, but for myself also so that I can continue to learn all aspects of shotgunning and go from a shotgun enthusiast to a shotgun expert.